Carrying the big ideas of tomorrow

We own and operate one of the world’s most extensive fiber backbones.

As part of the Telia Company, we provide network infrastructure and services to more than 1200 customers in 80 different countries worldwide.

Our IP network, AS1299, has grown from being the largest IP network in Europe to currently being ranked top-two in the world.

The Internet is growing at the speed of imagination. And so are the demands on the network. The only way to keep up is through innovation. We have already carried out the world’s first 1Tb/s transmission on our US network and are working on more. Preparing today, for the network of tomorrow.

In the face of ever-increasing customer demands, we must continue to challenge not only ourselves, but the whole carrier industry. To raise the bar and become even better at what we do. To achieve this, we have developed 6 principles that that we believe every carrier should live by. We call them the carrier declarations.

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