Name: Andres
From: Costa Rica
With TSIC: Four years
Before that: IT support for various companies in Costa Rica

What are the strengths of TSIC customer care?

We get to know our customers and how they are actually using our services. This lets us better understand their needs.

Because we have customers all over the world, our customer care team is from all over the world. This is not just about speaking the customer’s language, it is about understanding the way they do business. The range of backgrounds and nationalities in our customer care team gives us a broader perspective on our customers’ needs.
We are technical problem solvers. We have a big portfolio of services and things are constantly changing. We keep constantly learning and finding new ways of solving problems.

What makes TSIC customer care different?

Solving problems at the first point of contact. When customers call with a problem, we have direct access to the NOC. This means we can fix the problem in 10 minutes instead of three hours. We understand what this means to our customers.

Even though we are a big company, we have good contact with all parts of the company. If we do need to escalate a problem, we know exactly who to send it to. But we still retain oversight of the problem until it is solved. We regularly have workshops with other areas of the company to improve communication and how we work together.

What does 3600/24/7 mean for you?

It means drinking a lot of coffee.
It also means that we are always available. And because we are always online, we are not only solving problems, but also preventing potential problems. We monitor backhaul links and if we see a problem that may arise, we call the customer and let them know. They are normally surprised and pretty happy that we called them.

Being always online also means that we can follow up and make sure problems have been solved to our customers’ satisfaction. 3600/24/7 means we have time to prevent, solve and follow up on problems.

How is knowledge and information shared within TSIC’s customer care team?

We have different ways of solving different problems. Many we can solve on our own. Others we solve in teams. We aren’t robots. It is working together to solve problems, through brainstorming and talking over coffee, that we come up with the best solutions.

We also try to share things that went wrong as well as things that went right. That is where learning comes from. Mutual feedback. It is important to be able to accept feedback from our colleagues. We see it as positive.

Can you describe a time when your team has done something differently, thinking outside the box, to help a customer?

Thinking outside the box?
There is no box!

All of our products are different and every solution is different. We have a big knowledge base, but we solve problems by applying our knowledge to that particular problem.

Can you describe a time when your team has received a surprisingly positive response from a customer?

We try to get to know our customers and better understand their business. Last time I was in Costa Rica on holiday, I went to see one of our customers and showed them how to use our customer portal. They really appreciated that. Local, Local, Local means always keeping close contact with the customer.


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