Name: Ekaterina
From: St. Petersburg, Russia
With TSIC: 2 years
Before that: Completing Masters in Communication Systems

What is one of the strengths of TSIC customer care?

Diversity. We have many nationalities and languages working together, serving customers from all over the world. There are subtle cultural differences to what people expect. Like how the person should be addressed and how they do business.

Our diversity gives us a good understanding of this. Speaking their language makes a big difference too. We are an international company, and our customers feel much more confident when they can talk to us in their own language.

What makes TSIC customer care different?

We take responsibility for following through and solving the problem. Our people really care about what happens. It is not just a ticket that we send on and forget about. We feel responsible for what happens and we follow up to make sure the problem gets solved.

How does this benefit TSIC’s customers?

Our customers know that they can rely on customer care. We aren’t just a call center that logs the problem and forgets about it. We take it on an individual level. The person who takes the call follows up and makes sure it is resolved.

Because we can perform the same analysis expected of 2nd or 3rd level support, our customers know they can trust the answers we give them. Trust is very important for our customers.

What does 3600/24/7 mean for you?

It means that the customer knows that they will always be supported.

How do you work towards this declaration?

It is about working hard and always doing our best. Dedicating our attention to what we are doing.

What proactive steps do you take to prevent problems from happening?

Monitoring systems and notifying customers when we become aware of something. We let our customers know if we are experiencing problems. We provide timely information and are honest with our updates.

Being honest and providing meaningful information to customers is an important part of creating a long-term relationship.

How is knowledge and information shared within TSIC’s customer care team?

We have regular meetings, case notes and our knowledge base. But most importantly, we talk to each other. We let others know what happened while they were away and we discuss everything.

Can you describe a time when your team has done something special, gone the extra mile, to help a customer?

Our whole approach, our whole attitude of doing as much as we can means we are always going the extra mile. It is just what we do. 

Can you describe a time when your team has received a surprisingly positive response from a customer?

We deal with engineers, they appreciate that we provide a realistic timeline and stick to it. Our customers appreciate this because it lets them manage the problem at their end. They know it is not just a moving timeline.

Can you tell me about your plans and ambitions in TSIC? Where would you like to take things?

I think it is very interesting to work with a combination of engineering and business. I would like to work in other areas, but I hope to keep that balance. Customer care is a very good place to start. We get to understand customers as well as how the whole company works.

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