Name: Shawn
From: China
With TSIC: 1 year
Before that: I was doing my Masters in Telecommunications

What are the strengths of TSIC customer care?

When our customers call us, they have the feeling of talking to engineers not a call center hotline. We know the difference this makes. We have direct access to the systems and monitoring to be able to solve problems ourselves. And we have the knowledge to analyze and understand the problem.

When engineers call, they like the fact that we speak their language. Not just from their country, but technically as well.

What makes TSIC customer care different?

We are an international company with a Nordic business culture. We take our commitment to quality very seriously.

What does 3600/24/7 mean for you?

It means working nightshift. But that’s just part of the job.
The question should really be: what does 3600/24/7 mean for our customers? And the answer to that is that we are always there when they need us.

How is knowledge and information shared within TSIC’s customer care team?

In each team, we have knowledge leaders who are responsible for keeping everyone up to date with the latest developments in their area of expertise. Each week we have an internal newsletter and our knowledge leaders provide updates of any changes or challenges.

We also have an internal wiki site. This is a knowledge-base that we update weekly. But the most important communication is the internal discussion. We all take an interest in what’s happening. And if someone has a challenging issue to resolve, they soon have a crowd around their desk. It is kind of like crowd sourcing an answer, and it works really well.

We are one of the connections between the customers and the rest of our company. This means we understand both sides, which makes it easier to find solutions. When companies outsource customer care, this connection is lost – and they don’t even realize it.

Can you describe a time when your team has received a surprisingly positive response from a customer?

Our customers are often surprised. To get real help from the person who answers the phone is not something they are used to. We often get emails with positive comments. We always save these, it is a reminder of why we do what we do.

Do you have plans in TSIC beyond customer care?

This is the ideal place to start out. It lets you get to know the customer, the company and the product. Many in our team plan to move on to roles in second line support or as engineers – or they move into other roles in the company.


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