We all rely on something

Without connectivity, you wouldn’t be reading this page. In fact, you probably couldn’t do your job. What would you do then?
Let’s be a bit philosophical about what we do. Let’s think about how connectivity changes whole industries, like Gaming. Gamers don’t think about being online. Because in their world, the only time they are aware of it is when they have a problem.
People shouldn’t even notice they’re online. The slightest interruption to their experience and it’s ruined. Call it a first world problem, but that’s the world we live in.
That’s why we built a global fiber backbone that can’t go down – so nobody notices us. We load it with up-to-the-millisecond technology. We take an obsessive approach to quality. And we share a belief in big ideas. Like yours. Because it takes a lot more than fiber to be the backbone of your business.

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