I got 99 problems but the net ain’t one

From startup to Fortune 500. Our network can take you virtually anywhere. As we say in our carrier declarations: If you are serious about quality of service, you own your network end to end.

We were the first backbone to offer 100Gb/s connectivity in both Europe and North America. In fact we were one of the first to build our own network. In 1998 we started by connecting London to Paris and have expanded ever since. Today we operate one of the top two global fiber backbones.

Keep them separated
When it comes to connectivity, you can never have too much certainty. Which is why we developed our red and blue networks.

This strict separation of two geographically diverse networks delivers 99.999% reliability. And as both the red and blue networks have similar delay performance, delivery doesn’t suffer if one of them goes down.

In contrast to most carriers, we have a high level of PoP diversity. All international gateway PoPs and heavily trafficked cities have a minimum of two identical PoPs, at two different locations, to guarantee performance.

Diversity by design
Crossings in the network are, in practice, unavoidable. But we are constantly rebuilding our network to minimize the risks.

Where red-blue can’t be applied, documented standards – aimed at resilience by design – allow for meshing and ring concepts.

Further, we try to double everything that’s feasible, including power, so if something happens it won’t affect our customers. And we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our entire system.

Our network in short

  • 200 PoPs in Asia, Europe (including Russia) and the US
  • Physical diversity of the red and blue network


  • Own ducts and optical network managed across Europe, Russia and North America
  • 100G-enabled networks


  • We carry 1,2 million voice minutes every hour over our network
  • Over 18 millions MMS per month

IP backbone

  • Top two global IP transit provider
  • Connects Europe to Asia via the US and the Middle EastFully IPv6 enabled
  • We carry more than 1 exabyte of data over our network every month
  • 100G-enabled networks
  • Our Global Peering Policy


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