Connect and get the benefits of carrier grade Ethernet without the cost of ownership.
Because we own our own global fiber backbone, we can guarantee the quality from the ground up. And because we control our own MPLS, SDH and wavelength networks, we can provide the product that suits your specific needs rather than hoping that one network fits everyone.

Telia Carrier EVPL and ELAN offer flexible bandwidth options from 2Mbps to 10Gbps combined with fixed or burstable billing options, let you choose a solution that works for you, delivered to over 120 countries worldwide. For your ease of management, we don’t bill for bursting under 1.5 days per month. Configure the Class of Service (CoS) mix that suits your needs and we can even deliver it on the same interface if you require.

Telia Carrier Ethernet over DWDM provides dedicated, high bandwidth on the world’s first pan North American and pan European 100G-enabled network.and Telia Carrier EPL combines the benefits of trusted SDH with low cost Ethernet interfaces.

Our Ethernet portfolio provides:

  • Disaster recovery, data replication – high capacity
  • Media delivery – the quality of dedicated bandwidth without the cost
  • Corporate voice & interactive services – prioritizing delay sensitive traffic
  • Secure, burstable connectivity to your cloud provider
  • Low cost general data traffic

Choose the platform and network topology to suit your needs. Whether it is point-to-point, hub-and-spoke or multipoint-to-multipoint; you can connect our PoPs, third-party carrier locations or your remote locations all over the world.

Telia Carrier Ethernet services let you connect where you want, when you want and with whoever you want. All with MEF certified and SLA guaranteed performance, reliability and security.

Keep track of your Ethernet Services with our online Ethernet Performance Portal 


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