Roaming services over IPX

Telia Carrier IPX is a platform to meet the customer demands of the future. It delivers multiple-services-over-one-port including: voice, roaming, signaling, messaging and video as well as other services that haven’t even been invented yet. Once they try it, people won’t go back.

The quality your customers will demand

We have developed Telia Carrier IPX to exceed GSMA and i3forum specifications. Today it includes all our roaming and signaling services, which consists of GRX/S8, MMS, C7/SS7, SIGTRAN, and Diameter signaling. This has recently been supplemented with Voice over IPX. Telia Carrier will continuously add new comprehensive IPX related services.
For operators, Telia Carrier IPX offers the simplicity and security of a network with full class of service completely separate from the open Internet. And because we carry it on our own global fiber backbone, we can offer meaningful end-to-end SLAs. These are backed by the reliability of the Red and Blue networks – diverse routings and PoPs that mean there is always an alternate route available. The result is an IPX that never goes down.

For end-customers it offers enhanced quality of experience and access to anything, anywhere. Our global network connects North America, Middle East, Europe and Asia, so end-customers can have the most direct connection - circling the globe with a single hop. This means fast, high-quality experience wherever they want it.


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