Network Outsourcing

Whether you need a global network, or just to fill the gaps in yours, Telia Carrier Network Outsourcing provides you with world-class network infrastructure without the expense or stress of building it yourself.

Your network is crucial to what you do, but is it the core of what you do? We own and operate one of the world’s largest fiber backbones – it is our core business.

More and more organizations, from the world’s largest social network to Russia’s largest international carrier, are outsourcing their network operations to us – so they can focus on their core business.

Save yourself the massive infrastructure costs of building your own network. We can provide a global network, or part of one, to meet your capacity needs.

This is an ideal solution for service providers with an asset or expertise gap in their network.

We deliver your network needs along with full operational and commercial support. And we back everything up with 24/7 network operations monitoring and customer support.

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