Raise your voice

High quality delivery, global reach and reliability; these are the benefits of owning our own network. Our global fiber backbone delivers voice, VoIP, IP, mobile and video services. 

Owning our own network also means we can send traffic via the most direct route so you can be sure of the highest connection quality for your end-customers. We own it, we deliver it and we guarantee it.
We deliver a million voice minutes every hour. This provides you with the economies of scale to deliver a high quality service competitively and profitably. Voice is a core business for us and we continue to invest in voice technology and infrastructure – so you know we’ll be here for the future.
We offer prepayment and partnering options to give you additional flexibility to choose what works for you. Simply connect to any of our 200 global access points and you and your customers are connected to every country and territory on Earth.

6 principles every carrier should live by

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