You need a network that lets you deliver

We have experience providing communications infrastructure for every industry – from enterprise to education and from operators to content providers.

Direct connection between customers and content is the reason we own our own network. With one of the world’s largest fiber backbones behind you, you can provide the highest quality of experience for customers, and the highest quality of delivery for content and voice services.

Reliability in the physical layer ensures your network never goes down. Our network comprises geographically diverse optical fiber routing. We call them the Red and Blue networks. You can call them peace of mind.

Scalable capacity means you are ready for the future – which is never that far away. Today we can provide anything from 10Mb/s to multiple 100Gb/s connections. And for tomorrow, we have already successfully tested a 1Tb/s connection. We are constantly upgrading our network to meet ever-increasing demands.

We back this up with customer care and engineering expertise delivered by real people. Talk to one of them.

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