Ready for tomorrow

Quality of experience is the key to earning and maintaining your customers’ loyalty.

80% of the world’s top 20 content providers are our customers. This helps us to provide a fast and responsive connection that lets you deliver the highest quality of experience to your end-users.

We own and manage our own network – a fiber backbone that delivers IP, capacity, voice and video. Today it carries global IP traffic of 5Tb/s and is equipped for 100G bandwidth on demand. But today is old news. We have already delivered 1Tb/s in a single transmission across our US network – ready for the needs of tomorrow.

Our voice network connects directly to over 150 fixed and mobile operators globally and terminates more than 1.2 million voice minutes every hour.

Reliability is so important that we built our network twice. The Red and Blue networks – two geographically diverse networks connecting over 200 PoPs worldwide. We also double up with at least two identical PoPs in each of our international gateways and heavily trafficked cities. Reliability built on physical redundancy means your network never goes down.

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