What happens when you get too big for the cloud?

Great gameplay takes a great connection.
If your players even notice your network, you lose.

Hosted cloud solutions are a great way to start. But when you start getting massive, you need a backbone. Ours is one of the largest in the world. Plug in from where you are to 200 PoPs worldwide. This connects you directly to more than 345 million end users as well as last mile ISPs all over the world. Because direct connection is what it takes to keep delivering high-performance, low-latency gameplay – no matter how big you get.

When it’s time to launch, you don’t want to get caught short. Gamers aren’t known for their forgiving nature. On our backbone, you can keep turning up capacity to always stay ahead of demand. And with full diversity at the fiber level, even if something happens in the network, there is always a second connection that delivers the same level of performance. Your players won’t even know we’re here.

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