About us

The backbone
of your business

'The backbone of your business'. That's the shortest way in which we could describe ourselves. Though it's true, we're so much more than that. We're a company that has been around since the early 90's. A global connectivity partner to both huge and small companies. A part of Telia Company. And we've also managed to hire a bunch of really, really talented people.

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About us


We are Telia Carrier (until early 2016 our name was TeliaSonera International Carrier or, shortened, TSIC). We are an international provider of various telecommunications services, fully owned by Telia Company. We were founded in 1991 and started to build on our network in 1993, when we were provided the Autonomous System number AS1299.


Glad you asked! Inter-dependence defines the global Internet. Content needs an audience and vice-versa. Our job is to bring them together. We let the world’s largest operators, content providers and organizations access-all-areas with our IP transit services. We transport 12 billion minutes of voice per year.  We let people roam like they never left home thanks to our global IPX backbone. And we connect high-volume, business-critical content and applications to media-hungry audiences all over the world.

Our network now stretches 65,000 kms, linking 280+ PoPs. Plugging into our global backbone connects you directly to more than 1,900 Wholesale customers in 115 countries. And our transit customers announce more than half the routes in the global routing table, advertising more address space than any other carrier. Telia Carrier has always ranked among the top carriers in the world, and in recent years we've grabbed the top ranking.