Application & cloud

is dead
you killed it

But even clouds need a backbone

Everything is everywhere, Scale up capacity not complexity

Distance is dead – you killed it. Thanks to you, data and services are out there and everywhere. But even clouds need a backbone and, thanks to us, there’s a backbone with everything it takes to keep you close to your customers.

Application and cloud providers have changed the shape of IT, shifting a vast range of services and data off local storage and devices. Innovation and disruption are what it’s all about, and the possibilities are endless. But the model only works when the network is so seamless it’s invisible.

We have our own 100G enabled fiber network, connecting more than 230 PoPs around the world. We built it – and we operate and extend it – with a fixed focus on ensuring the highest levels of integrity, reliability, reach, and performance. We are so obsessed with our network, we built it twice. We are so proud of it, we hope most people never notice it.

It’s not just data that needs to be fast in your world – service levels need to reflect explosive growth and unpredictable demand. So our services are designed to scale with your success.


Blue sky thinking was so last century

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