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Enterprise IT

Telia Carrier supports cost-efficient growth for Enterprise IT with dedicated datacenter connections, IP transit, wavelengths and ethernet services.

Reliability in the age of disruption

Enterprise IT is evolving at lightning speed and is a gamechanger for your business. Digitalization presents a world of opportunity - but the journey there isn’t always easy. The challenges are many, but security, flexibility and control all start in the backbone. That’s where we come in.


We started building the Internet 25 years ago and today, our backbone takes the cloud to end-users in more than 115 countries worldwide. Whether you’re going hybrid or all-in, we can help you scale-up with the flexibility of the Internet and security of private networks.


Connected to everything (and everyone) that matters and with direct onramps to the major clouds - consistent performance has never been this simple. You can add, drop, expand or roll-back with straightforward and predictable pricing. 

For your on-prem infrastructure and mission-critical sites, our resilient wavelengths, Ethernet or IP VPNs will guarantee the always-on experience your stakeholders expect, with the management and control that your organization needs. Because we provide the flexibility to future-proof your business, on your customers’ terms.


We deliver on time, with transparency and reliability to help you manage your processes smoothly. After all, in an unpredictable world, connectivity should be the least of your worries.