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When gaming gets too big for the cloud

Great gameplay takes a great connection. If your players even notice your network, you lose. Your customers might be role players, but they need you to be the real thing. A hosted cloud solution might be a great way to get going, but when you start getting massive, you need a backbone. 

Our backbone is one of the biggest – and best – in the world. Connect to one of more than 230 PoPs worldwide for direct access to hundreds of millions of end-users through directly connected last mile ISPs. We can also secure dedicated connections between your datacenters for a low latency, high performance, mind-blowing experience. That’s the name of the game.

Telia Carrier’s Ethernet, Wavelength, and IP services ensure your content is distributed smoothly with the best possible quality of experience. Time to load should never mean time to leave. On our backbone, you can always ramp-up capacity and stay ahead of demand. And with diversity at the fiber level, if something happens in the network, a second path seamlessly takes over to deliver the same level of performance. Your players won’t even know we’re here.

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