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From humble beginnings in the early 1990s, we have become connectivity partner of choice to the world’s largest content providers, operators and enterprises. In the past, our network laid the very foundations of the Internet revolution and today it’s enabling digitalization throughout business and society.

Who we are?

Telia Carrier, formerly part of Telia Company, is owned by Polhem Infra, a Swedish investment company backed by some of the largest Swedish public pension funds. We started building our network in 1993, when our Autonomous System, AS1299, was allocated. Unlike most of our competitors, we’ve grown organically ever since. Our network now stretches 70,000 kms across Europe, the US and Asia and lets you connect directly to more than 2,300 wholesale customers in more than 125 countries. AS1299 is currently the #1 ranked global IP backbone and with more than 450 local access partners around the world, we are the backbone of your business, wherever you are.

We connect the world...

...let us connect you too!

Connectivity is our core business and we continuosly invest in capacity, reach and performance, to deliver an award-winning network experience.


Inter-dependence defines the global Internet. Content needs an audience and businesses a cloud. Our job is to bring them together. With our IP services, we provide unlimited access to the Internet and our suite of enterprise, networking and mobile data solutions connect business-critical content and applications to media-hungry audiences everywhere.

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Awards are nice, but not because we crave plaques, trophies or parties. It’s nice to be recognized but when we extend our network, it’s to help you connect more of your customers. When we add capacity, it’s because you are growing. When we raise the bar in customer support, it’s because your business is reaching higher. Over the years, we’ve won numerous awards for our network and been recognized for best-in-class customer experience but ultimately, we’re only successful when you are.


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Connectivity is more than just an intangible commodity. Much, much more. That’s why we developed a set of principles to define what quality really means in the carrier industry. And what it takes to deliver it. We call these principles the Carrier Declarations and they guide us in everything we do.


People give us a purpose for our awesome technology. If you’re curious about the possibilities of a connected world – and are able to always see the customer’s perspective – we could be the perfect match.


Our global network thrives on the active participation of our partners, who are industry experts, and world-class technology vendors.


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