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Meet Tanuja


I work as a Delivery Manager at Telia Carrier in Paris. My career journey at Telia Carrier has been enriching, challenging and fun! I have been able to enhance my project management skills by participating in a number of interesting projects.

The best thing about my job is to experience a customer’s delight after his or her service has been delivered. I would describe the work environment at Telia Carrier as caring, serious but playful. I am trusted to engage in decision making processes and feel empowered every day to do my job right.

One of the best things with Telia Carrier is that we are culturally rich. I admire that we are widely spread geographically but still tightly connected humanly. Communication is fluid. If I would describe the work environment with one word it would be 'Synergetic'.

I would like to continue growing alongside Telia Carrier in our rapidly evolving world. I have chosen my Ally, have you?