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These are the principles and promises we live by as the world's #1 internet backbone.

#1: be a control freak

Being a control freak is about more than physical control – it’s about solving problems that don’t yet exist. Preventing outages, or any conditions that could lead to one. Then taking ownership and taking action. (...)
For some, a room full of network engineers high-fiving each other about something that never happened might seem strange. But for us, this is where the magic begins. Call us control freaks if you like – we’ll take it as a compliment.

#2: challenge everything

We’ve helped disrupt so many other industries, it’s only fair we do the same to ours. That’s why we challenge our partners and ask our customers to challenge us. And by constantly looking for new ways to do what we do better, we always challenge ourselves. Because great things grow out of disruption.


It’s a global approach. You can’t run a backbone from an ivory tower. You need to be on the ground, with your customers - breaking bread and fixing problems. Understanding their world, not trying to explain yours.


There’s real power in being able to say ‘judge me on the facts’. That’s why we are making it our mission to share as much information with our customers as we can. Because we dare to be transparent.


A backbone is only as strong as its weakest link. Without a backbone, there’d be no Internet. But a backbone is nothing on its own. (...)
It takes up-to-the-millisecond technology to stay ahead of our customers’ demands. And that means being an early adopter and all that goes with it. But there is no room for recklessness in a live network.


Because they are the Internet. Everything starts and ends with them. Let’s be clear here: By them we mean you. And your needs. Your need to be connected to everything, everywhere, without interruption. (...)
To never even notice we’re here. Because that’s what being connected truly means. It’s what you need and what your customers expect. It’s the only reason we’re here.