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Once upon a time, we built our network twice.

In our world, being a control freak is a very good thing. In fact, it’s what our customers expect. They need complete control over their end users’ experience – so we need to give them complete control over their connectivity. That’s why we built our backbone twice – for redundancy at PoP, duct and fiber level.

Because that’s what it takes for connectivity that never gets noticed. It doesn’t stop there. We go to extremes when managing it as well. Our network operations center (NOC) is 35 meters underground with 2-meter-thick concrete walls. Its shockwave barrier system can withstand a nuclear strike and it has enough food, water and back-up power to sustain it for weeks. Some might call it overly cautious. But the truth is that the NOC can’t go down.

Being a control freak is about more than physical control – it’s about solving problems that don’t yet exist. Preventing outages, or any conditions that could lead to one. Then taking ownership and taking action. For some, a room full of network engineers high-fiving each other about something that never happened might seem strange. But for us, this is where the magic begins. Call us control freaks if you like – we’ll take it as a compliment.


There’s a spectacular world that probably wouldn’t exist without the Internet: domino art. And it’s serious business – the world record currently sits at 4.5 million dominoes in a single set up. That’s right – million!

Lily Hevesh is a professional domino artist who is taking the art form to another level. She knows it takes a lot more than a steady hand and a lot of patience, it takes an attitude that leaves nothing to chance.

Lily understands that a chain relies on every single link – and you always need a back up plan. In our world, as with dominoes, being a control freak is a very good thing. That’s why we made, “Be a control freak” one of our Carrier Declarations