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Local heads, local hearts, local knowledge.

It’s a global approach. You can’t run a backbone from an ivory tower. You need to be on the ground, with your customers - breaking bread and fixing problems. Understanding their world, not trying to explain yours. 

It means not only knowing local customs, regulations, geography and politics; but understanding how they interact and affect each other. And you can’t do that from a distance. 

That’s why our global network is made up of a lot more than fiber. It includes our experts from St Petersburg to Singapore and Panama to Palo Alto. 24 different languages and 35 nationalities. Around the clock and around the world. They are our eyes and ears. Seeing what our customers see. Hearing what they want – not just what they need. Understanding what would really make a difference to them. Then we make it happen.

The craft beer revolution is a global phenomenon that’s happening on a local level. Because brewing is different wherever in the world you are – as they they found out in Monstein when they tried to build Europe’s highest brewery. With some rather unexpected consequences. 

Brewing in the mountains is not the same as at sea level. Monstein may be a beautiful location, but if they wanted their own brewery, they would have to overcome some unique local challenges first. 

Global means something different wherever you go. And you can’t truly understand that from a distance. That’s why ‘Local Local Local’ is one of the Carrier Declarations we live by. There’s no substitute for being there.