US Internet selects Telia Carrier’s global backbone for increased capacity and network redundancy in Minneapolis region

Minneapolis – 06 September 2016 – Telia Carrier today announced that global Internet and data services provider US Internet has selected Telia Carrier’s IP Transit services to increase capacity and provide redundancy to the company’s network, allowing for the continued delivery of Internet access, networking and IT services, and on-demand hosting and communications solutions. Telia Carrier’s services also enable US Internet to decrease reliance on carrier hotels with the autonomy of a completely independent and robust connection, providing added security.


Armed with Telia Carrier’s top-ranked network, US Internet’s local and international customers will benefit from access to Telia Carrier’s AS1299 fiber optic backbone at the highest speeds available in the region.

“Our goal is to strengthen the operational efficiencies of our customers by using innovative solutions with a focus on reducing jitter while increasing redundancy and capacity,” said Travis Carter, vice president technology at US Internet. “Telia Carrier is carrying more than 50 percent of our capacity, which allows us to provide customers with faster and more secure Internet services at the lowest cost possible.”

The Minneapolis-St. Paul area is the second largest economic center in the Midwest and provides a major traffic hub for regional carriers, broadband providers and data center providers due to its power costs, tax incentives and colder climate. With eighteen Fortune 500 companies and leading healthcare, research and education organizations, the region offers significant growth opportunities for both US Internet and Telia Carrier.

“US Internet is an important ISP customer and working with them adds greater value to the network, both regionally and internationally,” said Kirk Tracy, global accounts director at Telia Carrier Inc. “This announcement, along with other recently established PoPs in the Minneapolis region, demonstrates Telia Carrier’s continued expansion in North America and ongoing efforts to meet the demand for 100G services at the edge.”

Telia Carrier was the first carrier with a 100G enabled backbone in both Europe and North America, in addition to owning and operating a top-two ranked Global IP backbone. The company enables worldwide connectivity by connecting more than 200 Points of Presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East including 65 PoPs in North America alone.

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