My Carrier - Customer Portal

Access to the information you want, when you want it, through our easy-to-use customer portal - My Carrier.

Full information transparency

We've made it our mission to share as much information with our customers as we can. My Carrier portal gives you full access to the services you buy, and a full view of your underlying service performance.The portal uses the same Open APIs as our customers, and we're continuously adding more data to our Open APIs. Stay on top of your service inventory, ongoing and past deliveries, support cases, network disturbances and upcoming planned works all in one place. 

This is my carrier

Service Operation
Track your data
Track your usage data in the portal. IP, Ethernet, Cloud Connect, IX Connect, IoT, On Prem, GRX and DRX are currently supported. We are continously adding more services.
Service Operation
Connect to the cloud
Buy Cloud Connect, IX Ethernet Connect and Ethernet Private Line online directly in the portal. Add DIA and Smart IP-VPN on top of your installed On prem connectivity services.
Service Operation
Self-serve your data via Open APIs
Connect, develop and test integrations with our continously growing open APIs. Connect to your usage data, cases, planned works (including the NANOG/BCOP APIs), disturbances, services, invoices. Order APIs through system integration.
Service Operation
Are you a voice customer?
Create roaming relationship requests and submit your IR 21s.
Account Administration
Administrate your information
Administrate your service contacts and billing information. Get notifications, and provide additional technical information needed for configuration of your ordered services.
Account Administration
manage financial details
Download your invoice pdfs, view Statement of Account and export to Excel or CSV.
Account administration
One login to all your data
View all your companies at the same time, or navigate between your different companies.
Account administration
Are you a reseller?
Use the global "My Customer" filter to view services, cases, planned works, disturbances and usage data from a customer perspective. Add your own customer reference to prepare for system integration.
Customer Support
Personal communication
Chat with our award-winning support team or raise a case and keep all conversations in one place.

my carrier demo

How to order Cloud Connect in My Carrier

Check out this video to learn how to easily use Cloud Connect to configure Azure ExpressRoute yourself in the My Carrier portal.

How to order Smart IP-VPN in My Carrier

Did you think ordering new VRFs for your IP-VPNs was all about paperwork and sluggish processes? Well, not with us. Check out this video to learn how to easily configure a Smart IP-VPN yourself in the My Carrier portal.

New customer?

My company has no previous commercial relationship with Telia Carrier. I want to register a brand new customer account.

Existing Customer?

My company is already a customer and I want portal access to see our existing services, ongoing deliveries, cases etc.

Snapshots from My Carrier

Manage your account, view your services, report and track your cases in the portal