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The Top 5 CX
Evaluation Criteria
for Connectivity Partners

In this guide, written by Andy Everest, Chief Procurement Officer & Head of Service Delivery, we destill and define the top five evaluation customer experience (CX) areas for consideration so that you can better evaluate connectivity partners and make the best choice with an objective selection process.

Main topics include:

  • The impact of customer experience (CX) on your business
  • Methodology for quantifying CX for your organization
  • CX evaluation criteria, including CX core, culture, process, technology and care
  • Selecting the connectivity partner that is right for your organization
  • CX scorecard

CX evaluation criteria for your success

Too often, companies almost exclusively rely on product and technology comparisons when selecting a connectivity provider, although the single biggest differentiator may be the customer experience they can expect to live with. While technical capabilities are very important, they have become far less unique.

This white paper digs into the details of what truly sets one provider apart from another and helps you evaluate the CX strengths of your connectivity partners so you can choose a partner that you will enjoy working with.


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