Build an intelligent overlay network and transform your Global Wide Area Network using the World’s Number 1 IP backbone.

Meeting the demands of modern workplace productivity

Productivity in today’s world ties closely to the flexibility given to network users accessing cloud-based applications that sit outside the traditional network perimeter.

At Telia Carrier, we understand the current challenges of application-oriented networking in Global WANs. We have designed a straightforward service to make it easy for you to build your next-generation overlay.

You can integrate the best-of-breed SD-WAN technology and attach your overlay to the world’s best-connected internet backbone network.

Why Telia Carrier’s SD-WAN service?

Telia Carrier’s SD-WAN service helps you adopt next-generation networking technologies that enable you to build, control, and manage an intelligent overlay network that works on any transport on a global scale.

We offer a fresh approach to enterprise networking with a flexible service delivery model, enabled by our on-site gateway to our service platform (Telia On-Prem), allowing to you install SD-WAN in a stepwise manner, scheduled at your convenience.

What we offer:

  • More than half of the global routing table directly connected - your traffic reaches its destination with a minimal number of hops.
  • A staged migration that lets SD-WAN coexist with your existing network and gradually merge during the migration journey. 
  • We ensure you are always close to the technology of SD-WAN with no unnecessary layering in between - giving you more control and enabling faster updates of firmware.
  • A well-structured tiered on-boarding process to help you deploy a functioning solution with zero-touch provisioning in minutes.
  • You can leverage our expertise on SD-WAN at any time during deployment with options to use our managed services and professional services if required.
  • Competitive pricing with a choice of service features designed to help you build a flexible overlay network with the best-of-breed technology.
  • Options to use Telia Carrier’s Dedicated Internet Access using our global IP backbone.
  • Ability to add an application-based SLA and map those applications into traffic queues based on priorities you want to set for a predictable application experience.
  • Gain detailed visibility into the different types of applications running on your network - measuring and reporting what matters the most.

With millions of end-users, for whom the word ‘interruption’ simply doesn’t exist, established network solutions don’t always cut it. That’s why we created our own (...) delivery platform and needed a network partner with not only a solid backbone, but also the right mindset and understanding to support our rapid and often unpredictable growth trajectory.

Andre Reitenbach, CEO, G-Core Labs

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Technical highlights

The  sophisticated technology that SD-WAN offers includes a diverse set of capabilities to optimize application Quality of Experience; these include:

Granular application visibility with a user interface
Application traffic prioritization
Centralized management of WAN edge routers
Dynamically choose the optimal connectivity paths
Cloud application performance management
Customizable security
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