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Internet Exchange (IX) Connect

We provide a remote peering service which can connect you directly to the world's leading Internet Exchange Providers (IXPs), including LINX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX (Europe & North America), MSK-IX, JPIX and Netnod.

High-quality connection to multiple IXPs

We partner with major IXPs across their global footprint.  Customer can access one or multiple IXPs via a single connection into the Telia Carrier network.

Remote Peering

You can be present in multiple IXPs without any investment in equipment and colocation costs of a physical deployment. You also avoid any requirement to establish Operation and Maintenance (O&M) arrangements for remote sites; along with individual contractual discussions with IXP’s.

Customers can sign up for access into multiple IXP’s using a single Telia contract; with charges billed directly on a single invoice from Telia, thereby further reducing internal administration & management time.

Flexible Connections

We enable you establish a flexible, scalable, and sustainable global peering ecosystem through a single connection to the Telia Carrier network; with an enhanced choice of connectivity options supporting Ethernet- and DWDM-based solutions.

Service Coverage

Our IXP ecosystem is expanding fast. We are currently present at a number of IXP’s including LINX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX (Europe & North America), FRANCE-IX, MSK-IX, JPIX, JPNAP, KINX and Netnod.


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With millions of end-users, for whom the word ‘interruption’ simply doesn’t exist, established network solutions don’t always cut it. That’s why we created our own (...) delivery platform and needed a network partner with not only a solid backbone, but also the right mindset and understanding to support our rapid and often unpredictable growth trajectory.

Andre Reitenbach, CEO, G-Core Labs

iForte is growing faster than ever, as part of the SMN group our ISP and Infrastructure network provider that serves 21K Towers and 48K KM fiber optics network (...) across Indonesia, we really appreciate your support for delivering high quality product & services to our enterprise customers. Our latest project with your remote peering solution enabling access to multiple Internet exchanges i.e., HKIX, JPIX, LINX, AMSIX, etc. has provided a very good one stop solution that is efficient and competitive.

Adrian Limindra / iForte Group

Technical highlights

Capacity available from 100Mb to 10GB
Transport options include: IX Wave Connect Service (Wavelengths), IX Ethernet Connect Service (EVPL)
IXP membership benefits include: access to IXP route servers as appropriate, appearing in official membership lists, promotion of your AS number, direct access to IXP-specific reporting tools, direct contact with IXPs for service related information

Security highlights

Our additional layers of security include:
Dual NOCs situated in secure underground locations
Physical and logical security from design to deployment
Customer Service authentication procedures
Clear and unambiguous customer data management policies


  • World's #1 IP backbone
  • Awarded customer service
  • 320+ POPs in 35 countries 


Want to get in touch with us immediately? Contact our Customer Support and they’ll put you through the right contact.

Call us anytime at

+46 (0) 771 191 170

Toll-free numbers

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