Smart IP-VPN

Connect your business locations with IP-VPN to communicate faster, easier and more securely with the reach of our global MPLS network. With IP-VPN, a dedicated fixed connection combines several local networks into a single virtual private network (VPN) to meet all of your future network demands.

Highly Secure Virtual Private Network

Sharing sensitive data across your organization requires a network solution that connects your offices robustly and securely. We provide you with dedicated connectivity that carries your encrypted traffic over private connections to add an extra layer of security.

IPVPN with extra flexibility

We offer enhanced options to extend service ordering functions to your premises using our off-net service extension (Telia Carrier On-Prem). You can add locations, change contract terms, and conveniently order other Telia Carrier services. For example, you could order Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to combine your Internet Access with your Intranet - ideal for modern digital workplaces.

Bandwidth management using QoS

Your organizational users depend on constant access to business-critical resources, tools, and applications. With Quality of Service (QoS),you can control the traffic flow from an office location and prioritize VPN traffic over regular internet traffic. You can segment your traffic based on the priorities of the applications you use, and scale your bandwidth based on usage needs.

Flexible options

With Telia Carrier On-Prem, you gain flexible service options such as; adding locations, changing contract terms, and ordering other Telia Carrier services.

Service Coverage

Smart IP-VPN enables connectivity worldwide. Availability in countries outside of our footprint can be provided, after a connectivity feasibility assessment. 

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With millions of end-users, for whom the word ‘interruption’ simply doesn’t exist, established network solutions don’t always cut it. That’s why we created our own (...) delivery platform and needed a network partner with not only a solid backbone, but also the right mindset and understanding to support our rapid and often unpredictable growth trajectory.

Andre Reitenbach, CEO, G-Core Labs

Technical highlights

Choice of Fully Meshed or Hub and Spoke topologies for each VPN
Can order multiple VRF’s, through additional VPN’s with individual configuration
Default option includes Quality of Service (QoS) for bandwidth management, enabling traffic prioritization of your more important applications

Security highlights

IPVPN offers a cost-effective way to securely manage your sensitive data without compromising the high-speeds for data transfer.

Secure by design features
Dual NOCs situated in secure underground locations
Physical and logical security from design to deployment
A network-wide Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Customer Service authentication procedures
Clear customer data handling policies
Quality of Service (QoS) in Bandwidth Management is to classify traffic into different priority groups
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