Can your network deliver today and scale for tomorrow? Our Wavelength services, built using DWDM technology, could be the solution you need. Dedicated, high capacity transport designed to carry high volumes of traffic across long-haul stretches.

DWDM for high data volumes

When your network is under more pressure to carry high volumes of data across long-distances, DWDM is the perfect technology for the job. Multiple wavelengths of light (or colors) are used to transmit data over the same optical fiber to efficiently utilize your infrastructure. 

Dedicated point-to-point connections

Our Wavelength services support diverse, bandwidth-intensive applications like video, voice, and storage across your global sites - with access to more capacity when needed. The simplicity of wavelengths makes your network more versatile and efficient when deploying point-to-point connections between remote sites and data centers.

400GE Wavelengths and beyond

We were the first to offer 100GE wavelengths on both sides of the Atlantic and are now launching 400GE services in certain markets. You can choose single links or a redundant ring network topology to build your own network for connecting key sites.

Wavelengths 400 GE is perceived very positively on the market in terms of a total cost of ownership (TCO) according to the latest Frost & Sullivan report.  

Service coverage

From fast-growing startups to established fortune 500 businesses – you can entrust our wavelength services as the backbone of your business. Our extensive network connectivity offers you access to wavelength services across international borders.

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With millions of end-users, for whom the word ‘interruption’ simply doesn’t exist, established network solutions don’t always cut it. That’s why we created our own (...) delivery platform and needed a network partner with not only a solid backbone, but also the right mindset and understanding to support our rapid and often unpredictable growth trajectory.

Andre Reitenbach, CEO, G-Core Labs

Technical highlights


1 GE

10 GE

100 GE

400 GE


STM 16/ OC 48

STM 64/ OC 192



OTU 2e



Security highlights

When you need the highest level of security for critical data, our highest level of availability, the dual-link service option provides two fully diverse routes between the same end points.

Secure by design features
Dual NOCs situated in secure underground locations
Physical and logical security from design to deployment
Network-wide Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Customer Service authentication procedures
Clear customer data handling policies
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